With CALMA we develop our production line in Spain, respecting strict quality standards that give our products the highest quality. From 1978, we help our clients to achieve desired rest.

The brand CALMA was born in Romania in 2011, with the objective to offer to the Romanian population, high quality products, produced using the most advanced technologies in the field of sleeping systems.

 Our production lines are equipped with last generation equipment and highly skilled personnel. All materials used in the manufacture of our products are tested, passing quality control tests in order to obtain a product that guarantees a restful and relaxing sleep.

 Through procedures which vary from injection or cutting pieces of polyurethane foam or memory foam, to packaging and  passing through stages of cutting, sewing of 3D and decorative strips, ultrasound micropunct sewing, stuffing with various textile materials, closing and assembling processes of nucleus and hoods, Hypo-allergenic products treatments make accessible products CALMA with suitable properties to fulfill requirements of functions for which they were created.

In creating the various collections of CALMA, we rely on our clients  needs, adapting to their needs and habits, listening and making them to participate in our evolution, which help us to achieve the objectives in the most favourable way possible, thus the customer to be satisfied with his choice and get unbeatable rest , that without any doubt is going to turn into a healthy and pleasant routine in his life.