Choosing the products

Using the left side menu, navigate through the product categories exactly as you go through the shelves from an actual store. Once you find a product that fits your desire, click on the ‘Buy’ button to put the product in your shopping cart. At this point you will be automatically redirected to the shopping cart section to see what you have chosen for purchase.

Once here you can change quantities or give up one or all of the selected products. From here, you can also come back in the store to continue shopping or go back to the ‘Home’ section simply by clicking the ‘Continue Order’ button.  Attention!, after you have changed the desired quantity, you must click on the ‘Edit’ button, in order to see the total value of your purchased items.  Also, if you have a coupon available in our store, now is the proper time to use it.


Placing an order

Once you have finished adding  the products to your shopping cart, you must place a firm order by clicking  the ‘Continue Order’ button.  Starting now it begins the actual purchase demand that would not take more than 2 or 3 minutes.

Next, you need to give us your contact details. You can choose from several ways to send them as follows:

a. If you are a new customer, please fill your data in the form and register on our website.

b. If you already are our customer, enter your email and password and it will automatically load all the data we have used at the last order.

c. Finally, another relatively new option would be to login with your Facebook account.


Payment solutions and transportation method

You can choose to pay cash on delivery, by payment order, or online, by card. Depending on how you prefer, you will receive additional instructions, if necessary. You can pay online by credit card, in conditions of maximum security. Payment cards accepted are those issued under  VISA  (Classic and Electron) and MasterCard (Maestro).

Depending on the chosen transport method and delivery address, there is a slight possibility of adding something to the final price, but don’t worry, because you will find on the spot the total amount involved.


Saving data and sending the order

After each order placed, the delivery data is stored, for later use.  Through an account opened by placing an order, you can check your order status in real time, including the name of your sale consultant, the delivery date, if and when the order was delivered, and more.

To effectively send your order, simply click on the ‘Checkout’ button and you’re done. Very soon (often immediately) you will receive by email, an order confirmation, and possibly a phone call from one of our sale consultants.